List of Universities in Sharjah

Sharjah is the third largest of the seven emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is the centre for culture and industry. Sharjah is located along the southern coast of Persian Gulf or Arabian Peninsula. Sharjah is just a short drive from the metropolis of Dubai.

Sharjah is a bit more conservative than Dubai. It carries hues of Arabic culture attached to it. However, Sharjah is cosmopolitan in true sense of the term. There are numerous non-Arabs and expats living there. One of the primary demands of the citizens and expats living there is access to quality education.

The higher Education scenario in Sharjah has rapidly improved in relatively short span of time. Sharjah has been the equal recipient of funding from the Government of UAE in the higher education department. With initiatives like National Higher Education Strategy, the quality of higher education has improved gradually.

Sharjah hosts top universities in UAE like American University of Sharjah to cater the educational needs of the people living in UAE and Sharjah particularly. Because of the effective approach towards the higher education by the government, the quality of research and education in universities of Sharjah has become better. Sharjah is now taking a lead in becoming the global higher education hub in the world. A lot has been accomplished by higher education institutions in Sharjah in four short decades since the higher education began in UAE. Universities in Sharjah have developed a culture of doctoral programmes and research which is truly a matter of evolution.   

Universities in Sharjah collaborate with partners from across the globe and private firms to drive economic development with focus on strengthening university programmes. With various regulatory authorities like Commission for Academic Accreditation which assures high quality education consistent with the international standard, it can be safely said that higher education scenario in Sharjah is going to improve even further.

With universities from across the globe continuing to establish their campuses in Sharjah, it offers students with curriculum which keeps them at par with the competitiveness globally. Sharjah universities also offer opportunities for students to help them in their respective fields.

Without lingering further, here we provide you with the list of universities in Sharjah.

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