List of Universities in Dubai

Higher education in the United Arab Emirates varies in each constituent emirate (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman), though the systems are fairly familiar. One could choose from the list of universities in Dubai in which they want to study.

Dubai, being one of the favourite destinations for students across the globe, has established world-class universities, including various western institutions, to produce professionals which are categorized among the best universities in Dubai.

Top Universities in the UAE are known to inculcate the latest technologies and methods to refine the educational system. Students studying in various universities in Dubai receive global exposure. Students are exposed to various cultures and languages which shape their mindset and make them open to new ideas and thoughts.

With universities from across the globe establishing their campuses in Dubai, it has really become the hub of global education standards. Universities in Dubai like Canadian university, American university, University of Dubai, etc. offer curricula of international standard which caters to the needs of students coming from different countries and backgrounds. Dubai has followed the approach of creating “free zones” where foreign institutions are allowed to set up wholly owned branches with little oversight which, in turn, has made Dubai global hub for international Universities.

After doing our survey and research, we have compiled a list of top universities in Dubai you can choose from for your higher studies. Have a look!