List of Universities in Dubai

Over the past decade, Dubai has come to be known as a vibrant and wonderful city. With heavy investments in ultramodern infrastructure and industries, Dubai has attracted the attention of people worldwide. Everyone, including investors, professionals and students view Dubai as their favourite destination.

In order to cater the demands of growing industries, Dubai has established world-class universities to produce professionals. Not only Dubai, but many western universities have established their campuses in Dubai which are among the best universities in Dubai. This is one of the reasons why Dubai has become the favourite destination for students across the globe.

Over the past few years, higher education has been one of the top priorities of Government of UAE. Last year in its annual meeting, The Government launched National Strategy for higher education 2030 put forward by Ministry of Education. The programme encompassed new model that would enhance a student's skills and develop innovative education system for universities to improve higher education scenario in Dubai.

Dubai has seen a significant increase in the number of universities during the past twenty years and every year the number of their staff and student's increases by 30%. This is primarily due to Dubai being the hub of economy. Universities in Dubai are known to inculcate the latest technological tools and methods to refine the educational system.

Students studying in various universities in Dubai receive global exposure. As Dubai being one of the places that hosts some of the top universities in UAE is home to students coming from across the globe. As such, a student is exposed to various cultures and languages which shapes his/her mindset and makes him/her open to new ideas and thoughts.

The heavy funding from the Government of UAE and private sector has led to an increase in the quality research facilities and programmes in universities of Dubai. Ministry of Education established National Authority for Scientific Research in 2008 that aims to generate national researchers by developing national system of innovation which would help in creating a strong base for research in higher educational institutions.

With universities from across the globe establishing their campuses in Dubai, it has really become the hub of global education standards. Universities in Dubai like Canadian university, American university, University of Dubai etc offer curricula of international standard which caters to the needs of students coming from different countries and backgrounds. Dubai has followed the approach of creating “free zones” where foreign institutions are allowed to set up wholly owned branches with little oversight which, in turn, has made Dubai global hub for international Universities.

There are numerous national and international universities in Dubai. We have researched a lot and made the list of universities in Dubai. It may help you choose the top universities in Dubai. Without continuing further, here is the complete list.   

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