List of universities in Ajman

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Higher Education Scenario in Ajman

Ajman being financially less demanding than other emirates, it is home to thousands of students seeking higher education at affordable costs. Universities in Ajman like Ajman University of Science and Technology are included in the top ranked universities of UAE. With the proper approach and planning of the government of UAE, the number of accredited programmes in Ajman universities has increased from 206 to 862 since 2006.

Programmes offered by universities in Ajman

Universities in Ajman offer various programmes which are accredited by the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Education (MOE). Ministry of Education oversees the general planning and research in universities. Top Universities in Ajman also offer programs which are accredited by the international standards. Universities in Ajman have been at the forefront of UAE education and research producing skilled professionals contributing to the economic and cultural growth of UAE.

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