The Home Pro Programme is a 3-month programme to help students who are holding full-time jobs or cannot participate in a full-time culinary education programme, but who love the craft and are keen to pursue a culinary career. Key features of the programme are:

\The programme is delivered through 40 intensive classes, 3 times a week in the evenings.

The condensed programme is derived from the professional programme and covers many of the same cooking techniques as covered in the full-time professional programmes.

The programme focuses on teaching all the fundamental techniques for cooking and food handling, and prepares students to become professional chefs suitable for entry-level positions (commis) in any restaurant kitchen globally.

Students pursuing this programme are expected to practice whatever they learn in class at home to attain the same level of hands-on experience as the full-time professional programme students.

Students receive a certificate attested by the Govt. of Dubai’s KHDA upon successful completion of the programme and passing the final assessment.