Kontar Beauty & Training Centre is known as “Beauty Complex include of 3 main divisions. BEAUTY TRAINING ACADEMY BEAUTY SERVICES. SALES BOUTIQUE (KOMASK 4D PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP BRAND/USA). KBC is a unique exclusive beauty center of its own in UAE, providing wide range of professional aesthetics, quality brands, and certified training service. It is the desirable place for woman who strive to look their personal best at all time, along our specialized equipment's and team of therapist who brings with them several years of professional experience. KBC strive to provide customized services and training tailor made to suit the cliental comfort and satisfaction. Our complete confidence in professional distinction and prioritizing the clients need above everything else has taken us to a level where we can happily claim to be the innovators within the industry. The perfect standing that we have showed has allowed us to approach some of the most respectable brands as KOMASK 4D Professional Make-up right in the heart of UAE.