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If you are searching for the list of schools in Dubai then you are in the right place. Eduuae has done meticulous research and gathered the list of all schools operating in Dubai. Whether you are looking for public or private schools, you will get information about all primary and secondary schools across Dubai right here on Eduuae portal. 

As Dubai emerged from being a power centre of Middle East to the economic hub of the world, it was imperative that the youth were equipped with skills to accept the opportunities as well challenges thrown by this setup. Continuing on this line, education authorities in Dubai had to establish different curricula as a majority of the students were from different nationalities. Currently, there are around 17+ school curricula operating in Dubai. The topmost school curricula in Dubai are UAE ministry of education, CBSE, ICSE, British, IGCSE, French, international-baccalaureate, American, Filipino, Pakistan, SABIS, Iranian, German, Russian, Japanese and Canadian.

Education was thought to be the only game changer having ability to develop future leaders from students of today & government seriousness can be gauged from the fact that it has spent a whopping 20% of GDP in 2017 on education. In fact, primary, secondary schooling has been mandated and is free of cost for UAE nationality students in public schools.  Recently schools in Dubai received a grant of more than one billion Dirhams from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum under a new e-governance project. Under this project, students, as well as teachers, will be trained to utilize smart devices as a medium for acquiring knowledge. 

Dubai school regulatory bodies:

Schools in Dubai are regulated by two key bodies namely Dubai Education Council and Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). 

KHDA: It supports all the stakeholders like parents, teachers, students to deliver education based on happiness and wellbeing. 

DEC: endeavours to meet global standards, international accreditation and competent quality assurance programmes.

list of schools in Dubai with contact details, Reviews, Rankings

According to the latest report issued by the (United Arab Emirates - Ministry of Education)  approx. 310473 students are studying in 289+ schools in Dubai (Both public and private). 

We have listed the schools authorized and ranked by the concerned education regulatory bodies like the Dubai education council (DEC) and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai. You can browse among the list of top private and public schools in Dubai with their contact details, reviews, ratings and curricula.