List of Schools in Ajman

Ajman is one among the seven emirates of UAE not only known for pristine calm beaches, luxurious resorts, ancient sites but for the generosity of the people in large .With a population of mere 238000 covering an area of about 259sq. km. which is about 0.3% of the UAE's area; Ajman successfully managed to create a place for itself on the global tourism map.

For those who want to live a life away from the hustle bustle of a big metropolis like Dubai, Ajman provides a good alternative. Schools in Ajman are comparatively economical as compared to schools in Dubai providing an opportunity for expats to mix with strong a base of Emirati students.

Keeping quality education as its focus, a large number of American curriculum schools, British curriculum schools in Ajman, CBSE schools, English speaking school, O-level schools have blossomed in Ajman over the period of time. These schools are accredited by premier education body of UAE Ministry of Education.

A lot of study and research has been put while composing the list of best schools in Ajman. We believe audience is the best judge & hence leave up to them to choose the best school in Ajman for the bright future of their kids. Without further lingering, here is a list of schools that are operating in Ajman:

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