List of Schools in Abu Dhabi

As Dubai ascended on the world scene as the tourist capital of the world, Abu Dhabi the capital of UAE continued the struggle for dominance among the seven emirates in UAE. Being the capital benefited the largest and second most populous emirate in the UAE to a large extent as it emerged as an industrial, political, and cultural hub with 2/3 contribution to the economy which is equivalent to 400 billion dollars.

The foundation of the present city was laid by Sheikh Zayed with the help of a Japanese architect Dr Takahashi who provided design requirements. Iconic marvels like Sheikh Zayed mosque, Etihad Towers, Yas Marina Circuit, Emirates Palace & many more have helped the city to catch the eye of the global audience.

Every great city like Abu Dhabi should have a great education system & schools form the bedrock of such system which is why Department of Education and Knowledge was established by the H. H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE in accordance with Law No. 24 of 2005, aiming to develop education and educational institutions particularly schools in Abu Dhabi.

The responsibility of the Department includes supervising, regulating & spearheading the revolutionary initiatives in the public & private schools in Abu Dhabi.

The department launches new initiatives more often than not to keep the schools relevant with the modern curricula and the best schools in Abu Dhabi acclimatize to the changes quickly. In that context, the Department of Education and Knowledge initiated the New School Model (NSM): A model which addresses all the issues in the school education in Abu Dhabi head on by bringing radical changes in the primary educator sector.

Keeping quality education as its focus, a large number of British curriculum schools in Abu Dhabi, CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi, American schools in Abu Dhabi, English speaking school, O-level schools have blossomed in the emirate over the period of time. These schools are accredited by premier education body of UAE Ministry of Education.

In 2010, the Department of Education and Knowledge launched the New School Model (NSM), a new learning approach that addresses the current challenges in public school sector and brings about tangible improvements in the delivery of education.

We believe audience is the best judge & hence leave up to them to choose the best schools in Abu Dhabi for the bright future of their kids. Without further exaggerating, here is a list of schools in Abu Dhabi.

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