Just like all great endeavors, the establishment of The Philippine Global School (TPGS) started as a vision in the hearts and minds of its founders, a group of Filipino investors. These Filipino investors had stayed in UAE for quite long time and had seen that there is indeed a great need of having a Filipino school that would make a difference in the Gulf Region, particularly in UAE. Just like any other parent, they wanted quality education not only for their own children but for the rest of the Filipino children as well. It is the dream of these concerned Filipino investors that their children will learn to value their cultural heritage as Filipinos and this can only be possible if they study in a school that offers Philippine curriculum. This dream seemed beyond reach for so many years but it never stopped growing in their hearts and minds. Like a sweet fruit waiting for the right time that it becomes ripe and ready for harvest in due time, this great dream finally came into reality, just at the right time.   

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