The new Canadian International School Of Dubai offers a full Canadian instructional curriculum managed by a very experienced Canadian Principal and delivered by Canadian trained, certificated and experienced teachers. Our student performance expectations, teaching materials, instructional strategies and student management practices are the same as those you will find in any Canadian school. We are a Canadian school not just in name but in practice.

We are proud to be the first Canadian school in Dubai and are committed to providing an educational experience for each of our students which will challenge them on intellectual, social and personal levels. We expect much from our students and their families and will provide the demanding learning environment which supports those expectations.

We also appreciate that we are a school which has been welcomed into an Arabic country with a predominantly Muslim population. We have committed enthusiastically to provide students with Arabic Language and Islamic Studies programs of the highest quality delivered by certificated and experienced teachers who are respected members of the school’s academic staff.

The student – parent – school partnership for learning is at the heart of our efforts as a school to nurture educational accomplishment. We will succeed based as much the strength of that partnership as on the strength of our instructional programming.

This is a school which will be known for its academic rigor, focus on each learner as a unique individual and its emphasis on student engagement in their own learning. Our students will come to understand the shared responsibility we all have for the further development of a community of nations tied together by a commitment to tolerance, justice and equality of opportunity. We will graduate more than educated young people – we will graduate young people well-prepared make a difference in our challenged world.

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