Schools were established by a decision by His Excellency Juma Al Majid in 1983. Schools started in two government schools in the Deira district of Dubai in 1986. Schools moved to independent buildings in Garhoud
under the patronage of His Excellency Juma Al Majid. Other branches were opened in Sharjah and Ajman. learning for the children of families like thin and affordable both
keen schools to develop educational resources and facilities to provide for the students of her reasons for success and excellence gets a lot of students at the advanced centers in high school exams meet the school fees of students symbolic and lead a School transport them in a modern, air - conditioned buses
The charitable project has served a large segment of the society, which has been subjected to economic conditions and can not attend private school. Juma Al Majid provided them with the opportunity to learn with a nominal fee by establishing a project called "Al Ahliya Charitable Schools"
. It was established to participate in all community events, periodic competitions and voluntary activities and complied with the laws and instructions of the Ministry of Education.
Schools have received many advanced centers, whether in competitions or in school results. A year ago, only a group of students from private charities schools were among the first in the state and the emirate.
It is the vision of private charities schools "to prepare a generation that has a national affiliation capable of using modern technologies to achieve advanced positions."

  • Highly Qualified Teachers Extracurricular Activities Growth