Our curriculum focuses on meeting the needs of individual students and emphasizes the importance of languages, critical thinking (through guidance lessons, Mathematics and Science), logic (through formal Mathematics) and Information Technology. Alongside formal subject knowledge and skill attainment, school systems and teaching programmes promote broader considerations such as UAE values, traditions and culture, moral values, good personal and social habits and skills, self-discipline, tolerance and fairness. All subjects are taught in English except for Arabic, Arabic social studies and Islamic studies, which are taught in Arabic according to the curricula of the UAE Ministry of Education.

Our Primary science curriculum SCIIS3, is a hands-on curriculum that develops scientific critical thinking skills, and we adopt a selection of American and British textbooks for formal Mathematics, English and Social Studies.

MADAR is highly selective when it comes to teachers with the following criteria: a good character, mastery of the subject, enthusiasm and devotion. The professional standards of teachers are continually enhanced by in-service training courses which tackle cognitive neuroscience, logic, information technology, class management and intensive teaching practice workshops.

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