Kent College Canterbury was founded in 1885, and has a strong reputation in the UK for its academic excellence and its emphasis on the personal development of each individual pupil. We are not just a franchise of Kent College Canterbury – we are effectively a second campus, with close collaboration between Dubai and the UK, and we fully share its values and ethos, and its academic aspiration.

Strong ties between the two schools already exist, with joint lessons and other activities, regular professional collaboration and frequentindividual visits by staff and pupils between the two schools, and our first school trip to Kent College Canterbury took place in May 2017.

Our pupils follow the British curriculum from the Early Years Foundation Stage in the kindergarten through to GCSE in Years 10 and 11. We currently offer A-levels in the Sixth form, but as soon as possible we intend to offer the International Baccalaureate Diplomaas an alternative Sixth form programme. Music, Art, Drama and Technology all have a central place in the academic and wider curriculum and we expect our pupils to get fully involved in performing, creating and innovating.

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