Spongebob is the nursery of educational and social institutions that seek to rehabilitate the child qualified sound to join the stage kindergartens, so the child does not feel the sudden transition from home to school, where he left his full freedom in the exercise of its activities and the discovery of his abilities and inclinations, potential and so they are trying to help the child acquire skills and new experiences.
Comprehensive desired goal in the custody of SpongeBob:
Create appropriate opportunities to help individuals Comprehensive Integrated spiritually, morally and intellectually, socially and physically grow to the maximum extent of their preparations and their potential in the light of the nature of the UAE community and his philosophy and his hopes in the light of the principles of Islam and the Arab heritage and contemporary culture in order to ensure a balance between the achievement of individual self-esteem and prepare them to participate constructively in the progress of the UAE society. especially the Arab and international community.

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