Nothing is more important in Small Steps Nursery than the right of every boy and girl to be happy. Happiness produces the feeling of satisfaction and achievement. Everything that takes place in the nursery should contribute to the development of a learning environment, in which each child is able to fulfil his or her potential.

A happy child develops self-confidence and looks forward to the many challenges of nursery and school life.

Here in “Small Steps” we can offer many new experiences for your child. Nursery School is not just a paradise of toys but structured according to the child’s needs.

The qualified staff will ensure that your child is constantly moving forward at his or her own pace. In “Small Steps” the children occupy large, bright, sunny classrooms, together with a library and video room, as well as a large indoor and outdoor play area, with all of the facilities at hand. The nursery provides a loving and caring environment in which every aspect of the child’s development is carefully monitored and directed through a combination of “free” and “structured” play.

  • Highly Qualified Teachers