At LLN we aim to lay the best foundations for life, by inspiring little minds through constructive play, quality experiences and excellent teaching. We believe in doing our best to give your child the best possible environment to grow and develop into a confident individual. We try to provide activities to fulfill our aims and ultimately prepare the children for a smooth transition to formal school. Ours is an environment where little ones can feel at home! At Little Leaders Nursery in Sharjah, children will be divided into four groups representing the colors of the UAE flag. These will be red, green, white, and black falcons.

At Little Leaders Nursery, we endeavour to make all areas of teaching and learning effective for every child whatever their ability. The work is differentiated where necessary to enable all children to achieve success at a level appropriate to their ability and to encourage them to reach their maximum potential. We aim to provide opportunities to develop independence of learning by the use of initiative, working individually, in pairs, in groups and as a class. Learning is linked to wider applications across the curriculum using a range of resources.

  • Highly Qualified Teachers