List of Nurseries in Sharjah

Although an underdog as compared to its neighbors like Dubai & Abu Dhabi, this emirate has managed to carve its own space by successfully attracting high end tourists. Sharjah, the 3rd largest populous city in UAE where almost everything is devoted to Emirati customs was declared by UNESCO as cultural capital of the Arab Word & the city has lived to the expectations by promoting local tradition & culture. The magical desserts, fascinating attractions, and sophisticated architecture are encountered every now and then in this city.

Sharjah has always been a pioneer in culture and education and maybe that's why it's called as the smiley Emirate. Sharjah education excels in every field, be that nursery schools in Sharjah or universities.

 Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi has transformed Sharjah into a city of wonderland. It was all because of him that Sharjah remains at the forefront of development. Under his leadership, development is done through further investment in education. The emphasis on education in this emirate cannot be understated.

Nurseries are one of the catalysts behind the development of education sector in Sharjah because they will prepare the toddlers for their primary schools and ultimately for universities.

Some of the parents may be over-possessed and over-protective of their children that they all together give up the idea of sending their kids to join a nursery, but it's good news for all those parents because of nursery schools in Sharjah pride themselves on offering higher quality. Not only this, nursery schools in Sharjah follow the strict protocols in terms of safety, hygiene, security and, learning.

Nursery in Sharjah caters the children between the ages of 12 months till 4 years.  Education and its tools are continuously developing and nurseries in Sharjah are keeping pace with best international systems.

Without further exaggeration, here is a List of nurseries in sharjah

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