Top ten schools in Dubai you must know

Best schools in Dubai

Known for its quality lifestyle and standard of living, Dubai has transformed itself into a modern architectural paradise with heavy investments in ultra-modern infrastructure and industries. It has attracted the attention of people worldwide. Everyone, including investors, professionals and students view Dubai as their favourite destination. In order to accommodate the demands of growing population, Dubai government is making every effort to ensure international standards of education for its citizens.

Lately, a new “Smart learning programme” was launched in Dubai which has received a grant of more than one billion Dirhams from Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed. This programme mainly aims to train students and teachers to utilize smart devices for gaining knowledge. This will not only help the students in top schools of Dubai but all most all school functioning in UAE.

To ensure that students are fully prepared to attend universities around the world and compete in the global marketplace strict regulation and frameworks have been established at the primary level by the main regulatory bodies

The two key bodies regulating schools in Dubai are Dubai Education Council and Knowledge and Human Development Authority.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority grades and supervises all Dubai educational institutions and school fees very much reflect these rankings. The best schools in Dubai are growing in the list but the number of schools whose quality of performance substantially exceeds the expectation of the UAE schools in Dubai remained static at 16 schools (reported latest in 2017). So, KHDA (Knowledge and human development authority) is keenly after the development of education so that the graph of top schools in Dubai would be lifted high.

Here is a list of Top 10 schools in Dubai. You must know the reasons that have placed them on the top of the list as per the rating of KHDA’s latest inspection:

Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) Arabian Ranches:

JESS is a “stellar school performing across the board. “Three things that make JESS absolutely stand-out. First, the value that it provides for all children in its inclusive open role. Second, this school was among the ones that warmly welcomed the SEN (Special education Needs) with impressive care towards the development of the children’s. Last but not the least Digital learning has stamped the school with many achievements including the only Microsoft Kodu School in the MENA region.

Dubai English Speaking College:

Dubai English Speaking College is one of the best schools in Dubai that meets the requirements of the British School Overseas Standards. Students receive an excellent education and, as a result of high-quality teaching, students make outstanding progress from their starting points. Attainment and progress in English, Mathematics and Science are outstanding in both secondary and post-16 phases. Physical education is particularly strong. The progress of children who have special educational needs is good.  All this results in their position being unique in the educational landscape and make them a popular choice when parents are selecting where to send their children.

Kings’ School Al Barsha:

This top school in Dubai has achieved an outstanding rating by KHDA ever since inspections began. The strengths of the school were found to be the overall provision and the curriculum, personal development of children, and outstanding community engagement. Facilities at Kings’ School Al Barsha are Tier 1 premium, including a fully digital campus. Extensive specialist facilities that are being continuously improved and expanded in order to meet the ambitious vision of the school, the picture is highly suggestive of a school that is going to deliver.

Nord Anglia International School Dubai:

Nord Anglia International is swiftly establishing its reputation as a high performing school within the UAE premier league of elite schools. At Nord Anglia network every child learns the social graces, confidence and skills that are critically important outside purely academic pursuits. Impressive facilities designed to offer a nurturing environment for students, as well as the next generations of children. For the right children, this school will be a top priority as many parents’ shortlist this as a perfect school.

 Jebel Ali School:

Jebel Ali (Primary) School [JAPS] traces its routes through an extraordinary history that makes it one of Dubai’s best British schools. This school gets much of the recognition from its rare combination of academic results, nurturing approach to children and its status as an independent school. This School comes within an elite group of Dubai’s “Ivy League” that provides an outstanding level of education for their children, despite operating with a lower level of fees than their Tier 1 competitors. Facilities of the school are admirable with modern campus, set in multi-storey buildings and sports halls which are well equipped and spacious. The Jebel Ali School is one of the school setting benchmarks in this area that is why highly recommended by many parents.

Dubai College:

Historically important school in Dubai, Dubai College is one with a reputation for delivering a standard of education that competes successfully with the list of best schools in Dubai on an international stage. An exceptional school, particularly for most of the academically gifted children, offers an inspirational, world-class, life-changing educational experience. It is also worth noting that the new developments include new scholarship system, Development of the “High-Performance Learning” framework which helps this school to set a benchmark across the sector.

American School of Dubai:

American School of Dubai is one of the oldest co-educational K-12 schools. Fabulous academic curriculum with breadth and choice of subject provision. Facilities are Tier 1 and include digital classrooms, a secondary school library, separate elementary school library, dedicated black box theatre, dance studio, music rooms, multiple meeting spaces, extensive security systems, and two cafeterias. A perfect choice for parents of academic children wanting culturally US prevalent schooling for their children.

Jumeirah College:

Founded in 1999, this school itself apart with a holistic, whole-child focused approach to the English National Curriculum that goes significantly beyond the minimum expectations, covering a diverse range of subjects. Jumeirah College provides an outstanding quality of education for its students something it has achieved consistently since inspections began. The school’s focus is very much on creating an environment fit for all the students.

The Indian High School:

This is a private K-12 school with a 2016-17 KHDA inspection rating of Outstanding, an accolade it has achieved for six consecutive years. Post-16 educational provision is terrific across the board, not only in traditional English, Mathematics and Science but also in whole child extracurricular provision. The school has a very impressive career counselling programme to guide students in making further education choices on graduation. This is the reason this school is very well-managed, impressive genuinely outstanding – school.

GEMS Jumeirah Primary School:

Very High achieving school across all core Science, English and Mathematics core academic with broadly equivalent performance in weaker Arabic areas to other British schools .Works to provide children with the best possible education in the fullest sense of the word; academically, culturally and emotionally. Exceptionally good in Special Educational Needs [SEN] provision with value fee structure for a school operating at this high level of whole school, cross-teaching, intra-discipline attainment. These reasons make GEMS a top priority for all most of the parents.

Dubai is becoming the bastion of education and the credit directly goes to some of the reputed and excellent schools. Undoubtedly, education plays an important role in the development of the nation. The top Nurseries/Schools in Dubai are ready to cater the needs of the growing number of the students. Moreover, the ministry of education has a fool proof cobweb of learning methods, ensuring that the curriculum, credentials, faculty and licensing of the schools meet the highest acknowledged standards.

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