Top Fashion Designing Courses in the UAE

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The concept of fashion is an ancient one that can be traced thousands of years back in time. This highly appreciated profession of a stylist or a fashion designer requires massive knowledge in different areas. Fashion Design courses train future professionals to create original pieces of clothing and other accessories, thus staying true to the ongoing fashion trends or creating their own. It concentrates on attire and custom embellishments based on some standards that are socially and culturally accepted.

Fashion Designing is not just about choosing an item and a material, and seeing how it will look but how the wearer will feel while wearing the item. Design ideas also depend on the current fashion trend like the ones that are dictated by the most popular designers like Louis Vuitton, Stefeno Gabbana, Dominico Dolce and others.

One of the fashion capitals of the world, UAE provides career opportunities by offering the best fashion training courses in Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah.

Below is a list of some of the best fashion designing courses in the United Arab Emirates-

1. Professional Diploma in Fashion Design-

Multi-award winning Diploma program in Fashion Designing by Capital Education Dubai Campus, this course is a mix of theoretical and practical studies, receiving a diploma from UK’s largest awarding body Edexcel/Pearson Assured.

This diploma will help you to develop a talent of designing arts, make use of technology for designing expressions easily and encouraging self-employment.

2. Certificate in Fashion Illustration-

Approved by KHDA (Knowledge & Human Development Authority) Dubai, this certified course is the best if you want to learn about fashion illustration. Offered by the FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion & Style, this institute is regarded as one of the best training institutes in Dubai.

This course will help you to understand fashion figure proportions, color schemes, portfolio presentation & layout, making different illustrations styles, rendering fabrics, using materials and techniques and more.

3. Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Textiles-

Fashion Design with Textiles is the only one of its kind in the United Arab Emirates. Offered by the University of Sharjah, this training course in Sharjah is a blend of fashion and textile design. It is broadly classified into three main parts- Design Practice, Contextual & Cultural Studies and Personal & Professional Development.

4. Certificate in Pattern Drafting-

The point where the ideas start getting real in fashion designing is Pattern Drafting. This accredited training course in Ajman is offered by FTC (Future Training Center). Anyone who can transform their ideas from paper into a dress form is suitable for this course. It will enable you to unloose your creativity into real garments.

5. Certificate in Fashion Draping-

Accredited course by FTC (Future Training Center), Draping is an art and forms an important aspect of designing. Draping a garment on a structure must express fall, fluidity and fold. Many fashion designing institutes have now introduced draping as an individual subject.

6. Fashion Design Diploma Course-

This online training course is designed for the students who are willing to work in the steadily growing industry. This course will give you all the necessary information to successfully begin a career in this field. You will get a comprehensive overview of the design industry, elements of design and career options. This is suitable for the job roles of Fashion Designer and Fashion Stylist.

If you are ambitious enough to create original fashion collection or to become a part of this industry, then you must definitely go with one the fashion designing courses listed above!

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