Top 10 Nurseries In Dubai You Must Know!

Nurseries in Dubai

‘One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life, I think, is to have a happy childhood. Even though you don’t remember much about it, but every moment matters a lot.’

Probably, there comes a time in every mother’s life when she has to find a caretaker for her little one. Not because she cannot handle her child but because she has to go back to work and needs someone to attend to her child. Not only this, she also makes sure her child gets the right upbringing and care in her absence.

Dubai is a hub of a number of Nurseries and each one of them claim to provide all the upgraded facilities, howbeit, it’s the responsibility of every parent that they should find a proper nursery in Dubai that fits best for their kid. Be sure to focus on the license, quality and functioning of the nursery schools in Dubai as it’s the first time where you have to keep your loved one.

 Best Nurseries in Dubai that you must definitely know:

The name suits best to the nursery as it’s designed like a mini town with a supermarket, a restaurant, a dress-up corner and a fire station. In addition to this, it has an indoor and outdoor play area which excites your child and let him/her enjoy to the fullest. The nursery has a room called a small world which has lots of toys which aids children learning. The children would want to go back to the nursery when they are back. The nursery is voted among best nurseries in Dubai.

Age range: 6 months- 5 years.


Yellow Brick Road Nursery is purposely designed as a ‘child’s world’. The nursery has all the things that a youngster needs from learning to entertainment. The nursery offers a balance of academic, artistic, and practical activities so that the child receives a wonderful childhood education.

Age range: 2 months- 5 years


Blossoms offering was founded by Zahra Hamirani, an educator and professional who is passionate about the early years and understands the worth of early days that they leave strong impacts for the future. Strong affiliations are built with Cache, NDNA, Montessori groups, and professionals. This nursery is perfect place to cater and bring the best out of your children.

Age range: 4 months- 6 years.


Great Minds Nursery is the only nursery in Dubai that has appointed the language and speech therapist. The nursery gives a child a perfect balance of creativity and confidence with their different activities. Teachers are well trained to strengthen the basic foundation of children in all the respective areas. The faculty and management are easily approachable and very friendly. It’s a very good start for a young one.


One of the oldest and most trusted nursery in Dubai which was established over 35 years with many branches in Dubai. With an impressive facility, they offer indoor and outdoor play areas, sandpit, pirate ship, swimming pool, shopping area and more.

Age range: 6 months- 4 years.


The Emirate British Nursery was founded in 2000 and with each passing day the nursery is developing and growing with quality as their highest priority. Emirate British Nursery is one of the most leading and largest nursery in the UAE. The nursery understands the well-known fact i.e. the foundation for education is the foundation to live. The curriculum followed in the Emirates British Nursery is UK EYFS


British Orchard Nursery is the largest nursery chain to be ISO certified for safety, education, and quality. BON has taken 11 international awards including Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, the Dubai Quality Appreciation award and many more. In addition, BON offers a varied learning environment with many facilities including specialized children’s gym called Gym Juniorz.


Learning land nursery is the nursery voted as the best nursery in Midriff. The Nursery proves itself in every field from outdoor sandpit, water play area to indoor play area with music and movement classes. The teachers are well educated and dedicated towards the utmost care of the child’s. Future of the child starts here!


Step by Step Nursery has its 2 branches in UAE. The Nursery has 18 years of experience in Early Years of Education and thus proves to be the renowned, reputed nursery. The nursery helps in experiencing diverse things. At Step by Step Nursery, we make sure that our children are celebrated and valued as individuals.


The little champion nursery is the very best start for your children as it constantly focuses on developing the new and innovative ideas. Young children learn through experiences, through imitation and by being actively involved in their own world. Every event held at Little Champions Nursery is met with enthusiasm from both kids and their parents


Make an appointment with them to see the nursery and the staff, preferably with your child – because even at the age of two, he/she can have an opinion. Enquire the best you can in the list of nurseries in Dubai mentioned above.

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