Things You Must Know Before Admitting Your Kid to A School in Dubai

Schools in Dubai

The Education sector in UAE is experiencing a rapid expansion as it has become the top government priority. The primary and secondary schooling has become mandatory for all children. With that, many schools keep on opening and the available list of schools in Dubai and other emirates of UAE keep on stretching. So, it becomes difficult for us to figure out which school should we prefer for our kids. Below are some of the points which you should definitely consider before making any decision. Hope it helps you out!

Points to follow before taking the decision of choosing schools in Dubai:

    Before admitting your kid to a school in Dubai, it’s very important that you have shortlisted the school from the top schools in Dubai. Researching about the school and collecting as much as possible information is of significant use. It’s always better to get in touch with the students and their parents so that you will have a clear vision about the school and it’s administration.


    The schools in Dubai are rated as weak, good, acceptable and outstanding by the government. Ensure that you enroll your kid keeping the government rating of school under consideration.


     Undoubtedly we cannot expect that our kids can take the best decision for himself/herself in this little age but the fact is that every person has an opinion, so does your kids.

Ask them what they wish to have in their school other than studies. Believe me, it’s of great use if you know your kid’s opinion. By that, you will be in a better position where you can easily scroll the long available list of schools in Dubai and choose the school of interest for your kids and make them happy by providing the best choices they can have.


The performance, methodology and learning styles followed by the school will be of great importance for you when it comes to decision-making. The Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau (DSIB), a part of the KHDA, is a group of inspectors who assess the schools in Dubai and issue the annual report. Going through this report will help you a lot in checking the quality of education and hence you will be able to decide the best school in Dubai for your kid.


The curriculum includes the total learning experience provided by the school and is not limited to textbooks and examination. Undoubtedly different curricula adopt different approaches towards learning and thus it is of great importance to consider.

If you are a foreigner, your choice for curriculum may depend upon the country’s origin. So inquire about the curriculum followed by the school before admitting your kid.

The academic year runs from September to June, except for Indian, Pakistani and Japanese curriculum schools which run from April to March. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDAis the educational quality assurance and regulatory authority of the Government of Dubai, United Arab Emirates and according to them, there is an accepted age range for each school grade. The school chosen should be able to give you information about that. Below is the age grade table that will help you out:

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