Things to know about Dubai’s new school fee system

Fee hike in Dubai Schools

Having the best education is one of the prime needs if one wishes to compete globally. Dubai is the place which is known for best universities and reputed schools. Dubai promises itself to be a knowledge-based economy where organizations and education-related establishments could be availed to its full utility to benefit as per ones requirement.

To take education system on the new level private schools of Dubai were allowed to have change in their fee structures. On 25th March 28, 2019, private schools in Dubai were allowed to increase tuition fee by 4.14%. The Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad, approved a fee hike during the meeting council.

Parents out there may want to have possible information about the fee hike; for your ease and feasibility we have framed 8 key factors which as a parent you should know. Roll down and read more:

Eight important things about Dubai’s new school fee system:

  1. The framework will be effective for the academic year 2019-2020.
  2. The announcement will prove to be beneficiary for the education system as it will work for both parent and student interest.
  3. Top schools in Dubai which sustain their ranking (evaluation) will be allowed to increase their fees by the same value of the education cost index.
  4. According to the announcement, private schools in Dubai in which the quality of education is declining as assessed by the Dubai School Inspection Bureau will not be allowed to increase their fees.
  5. As per the quality of education index in Dubai private schools over the past years, about 90 per cent of students are not likely to have their fees increased (in the upcoming academic year 2019-2020) by more than the value of education cost index estimated at 2.07 per cent, meaning that only 10 per cent of students will have their school fees increased by more 2.07 per cent.
  6. Fee for non-educational services, like school transportation, uniforms and school supplies, which are not included in the school fees, will depend on the concerned authority.
  7. Private schools whose ranking will be upgraded from “Very Good” to “Outstanding” will be allowed to increase their fees by 1.5 times of the education cost index value. Schools whose assessment moves from “Good” to “Very good” will be allowed to increase their fees by 1.75 times, while schools which move from “Very weak” category to “Weak” or from “Weak” to “Acceptable” will be allowed to increase their fees by 2.07 times.
  8. According to Dubai Statistics Center, last year (2018) valued the education cost index was recorded to be 2.07. Therefore, eligible private schools will be allowed to modify their school fees for the upcoming academic year, according to the latest valuation of Dubai School Inspection Bureau, which will be stated later in the current academic year.

Hope this blog was beneficial for you. Stay updated and pay only when it is required.

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