These are the books you must read in Ramadan 2019!

These are the books you must read in Ramadan 2019 (2)

Ramadan 2019 is here! – An excellent time of reflection, soul nourishment, and self-development! A chance to re-establish and strengthen your relationship with ALLAH. A period of self restrain not just from food and drink but all forms of immoral behavior, including impure or unkind thoughts.

Being a Muslim is the greatest blessing of Almighty ALLAH and all of us are striving to be that perfect Muslim ALLAH would love here and hereafter. To be in the spirit of Ramadan which is the month of the Quran, I would encourage all to recite Quran as much as you can and reflect over the message of the Quran during and after Ramadan. Apart from the Quran, I would recommend books that talk about rulings, etiquettes of fasting, virtues of Ramadan and the story of the revelation of the Quran.

In the honor of this month, I’ve pulled a list of books that go deeper into ​the spiritual meaning of Ramadan and make you feel close to Islam. 

“Life Is An Open Secret: Ramadan Special” – by Zabrina A. Bakar

This interesting book carries 25 motivational stories presented in an inspirationally beautiful way that promises to tingle your mind and remind you of the benefits and blessings that come with the auspicious month of  Ramadan.
It is a special gift for those who are in the process of learning how to fast and why is there a need to fast in Islam. I’m sure after going through the book, one would be like Oh! ALLAH, ‘Why didn’t I take advantage of the Ramadhan month before?’  

“So if you feel you have lost the essence of Ramadan, then this book is for you”


“Ramadan Rhapsody: A Daily Celebration” – by Linda (Ilham) Barto

This delightful book is a must read to get into the flavor of Ramadan as the masterpiece offers a complementary blend of poems, illustrations, prayers, and Quranic renderings organized on a quotidian basis. It starts with lighting up a Quranic verse followed by Islamic teachings and moral values of the Prophet proceeded with indomitable devotion created by high spirited poems. This book promotes the benevolence of Ramadan as a rare joy to dazzle up the spiritual experience of Ramadan.

“So if you really want to celebrate Ramadan, then this book is for you”

“It’s Ramadhan, Curious George” – by H.A. Rey and Hena Khan

The young readers have been in love with this playful book for it’s an excellent introduction to Ramadan for little ones and any child curious about Ramadan and Islam. The book features a fun loving character Curious George and how he learns about the holy month of Ramadan while visiting his friend Kareem who happens to fast for the first time! The story chronicles the events of Ramadan through the friendship of George and Kareem.

“So if you want your loved ones to love and learn Ramadan, then this book is for you”

“Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time” –  by Karen Armstrong

This Karen Armstrong’s short biography is a good place to get an insight into the Islam religion and the evolution of Muhammed S.A.W as a Prophet. The book is a great pick up during Ramadan for those who are trying to understand Islam and help clear some of the widespread misconceptions of one of the world’s great religions, Islam!  The work presented is a clear and balanced portrait of certain tenets from the life of the Prophet and the examples set by him for his tolerance and patience towards his foes.

‘So if you counter Islam as terror and violence, then this book is for you”

“The Night Prayer in Ramadan” – by Shaykh Al-Albani

The book encourages the most rewarding and fulfilling part of a Muslim’s worship in Ramadan, The voluntary “night prayer”, or qiyaam as well as the benefits and rulings of Itikaaf, along with their evidence. There is also the Arabic text for all Ayaat and Hadith citations included for those readers who wish to memorize the proofs.

“So if you aren’t aware of the Virtue of performing the Night Prayer in Ramadan, then this book is for you”

If you’re unacquainted with Ramadan or you’re curious at the mere mention of it, then these books will definitely satiate your hunger with immense knowledge of the rulings, conditions, and etiquettes related to Ramadan.

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