Dos and Don’ts of Classroom Decorations

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“What you put on your classroom walls can affect your students’ ability to learn.”

Whether you’re getting ready for back-to-school time or you need to impose a few more rules in your teaching space, classroom management can be a great solution. It can be a lot of fun to create displays and give your classroom happening life. But remember classrooms should be engaging, not distracting.

According to the latest study on nurseries in Dubai, “heavily decorated classrooms can bombard the students with too much visual information, interfering with their memory and ability to focus.”

As a teacher, it’s your duty to create a fun and learning environment in the classroom. Its environment is an important factor as students learn better when they see the learning sphere is positive and supportive. We all know that certain factors, like the problems children bring from home, can threaten a positive atmosphere of the classroom and this is something no one can control. But with the help of certain strategies, we can at least change blues of the classroom to the happening yellow.


1. Appreciate students by displaying their work

Always preserve a portion of the classroom for displaying students’ work. It is seen that when students see their experiments publicly displayed, they acquire a sense of pride and ownership. Students not only feel a greater sense of responsibility but are also more likely to remember the material.

2. Visual aids are OK

Posters like anchor charts, maps and diagrams that reinforce a lesson can boost student learning. They provide an opportunity for passive absorption of information. Also, the ones which are no more helpful to take them down!

3. Feature inspiring role models

Students can gain a greater sense of aspiration if you start putting up images or quotes of great leaders and heroes. But make sure you are not damaging students’ self-esteem by putting up any stereotypical depictions.

4. Develop a sense of community

Walls are something that everyone shares and sees, so always try to share visuals that help in developing a sense of community in a class. For example, reserve a wall area where students’ academic goals are posted. This will also contribute to the sense of togetherness and mutual understanding.


1. Avoid displaying student grades

With the intention of motivating low performing students, many teachers display the work and grades of high performers without knowing that this actually can backfire struggling students leading to demoralization.

2. Avoid using dull colours on classroom walls

Colour is all around us, where we live, what we wear and the beautiful natural environment, so why to use boring colours for classrooms in the best nurseries in Dubai? You should use vibrant and bright colours for classrooms as using a variety of colours reduce passivity and boredom. Colour in the learning environment improves visual processing, reduces stress, and challenges brain development. There is a specific pattern for colour usage as warm, bright colours are recommended for preschool and elementary school classrooms because they complement the students’ extroverted nature.

Cool colours are recommended for middle school and high school classrooms because of their ability to relax and focus concentration.

Pale or light green is a good choice for libraries because these colours enhance quietness and concentration. So use the right colour for your classroom and enjoy your toddler world.

3. Avoid grey furniture for the classroom

Furniture plays a great role when it comes to decorating the classroom. Don’t décor your classroom with boring desks and shelves. Always try to have trendy furniture like cartoon bean bags, fairy chairs, sparkly tables that will fascinate young munchkins. Due to dull furniture, students can face boredom resulting in the low concentration. So never hesitate in experimenting with the design and décor of your classroom.

Try above-mentioned techniques to make your toddler world energetic and stylish, as they say, it’s never too late.

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