Best 7 Learning apps for kids

Top 7 Learning apps for kids

The list of best 7 learning apps for kids has made education means interesting and to be easily accessible for kids of all ages. There has been a huge transformation in the education industry since the last decade. The advent of educational apps has given kids a great head-start in making the most of the education.

Educational apps now bridge the communication gap among parents, teachers and kids. Considering the pace of progress in the education sector, there is a great need to offer different and advanced learning methods. That will add value to the learning process and support effective teaching methods. 


Edu UAE has listed the best 7 Learning apps for kids.


  • Kindle:

    Kindle is actually a reading device by Amazon. It has got the application as well which can be easily accessed on mobile phones. Kindle offers a huge catalogue of ebooks (Both paid and free). Parents have full control over the application in order to sort the content as per the age bar.


  • Duolingo:

    Your child can learn a foreign language too as Duolingo is a platform for learning a language. Additionally, it comes with a digital language proficiency assessment exam. It will help your children to get started with learning new languages. The app and the website are free but it also offers a premium service for a fee. 


  • ClassDojo:

    Is a great communication app for teachers, students and parents. Teachers can build a healthy classroom culture by encouraging students for skill development and communicating with parents. There is ease for both teachers and parents like sharing reports, announcements, pictures and videos of students and much more. This application works on all major devices.


  • Google Classroom:

    A free web service developed by Google for schools. It has enhanced the process of sharing files between students and teachers. Google Classroom can help to create, distribute and grade assignments in a paperless manner. 


  • Youtube kids:

    YouTube Kids is primarily a modified variant of the internet’s chief destination for video. It is aimed considerately at children for enhancing and inspiring them. It offers a variety of family-friendly and kids-oriented videos. Youtube kids have not been specified the age bar however, the content is suitable for children aged 3-8 years old.


  • Spelling stage:

    Spelling Stage offers a wide range of words that will fit for everyone from children through adults and makes an inclusive practice tool for an amazing order of spellings. It is easy to add your own content,  creating visual, Audiovisual clues, auditory or combination cues.


  • Quick Maths:

    A great resource to make your kids mindful with numbers. It helps kids with general math skills in grades 2 to 6. Quick Maths is the most suitable application for enhancing skills to tackle the complexities and challenges of numbers. You can download the application from the App Store.


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