American schools in Dubai

American schools in Dubai

Best American schools in Dubai, based on rigorous analysis of key statistics and numerous reviews from students and parents. Dubai offers a variety of 16 curriculums among which American curricula is the top preference of the people. 

American schools in Dubai are based on the core standards which aims at sole needs, backed by a wide range of extra-curricular activities that ensure students hold the opportunity to grow entirely as individuals. 


Facts about American schools in Dubai:

American schools are recognised by the United stated and Canadian Universities. The entry for Kindergarten starts at the age of 5 which goes up to Grade 12. The focus is on core subjects like English, Social, History, Science, Mathematics, Technical, Language Arts and Literacy. Students of American schools in Dubai are eligible for standardised tests for university admission. 


EduUAE has listed top American schools in Dubai with their Rankings, Fees (AED) and information about the schools. The rankings are derived by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).


List of best American schools in Dubai:


Dubai American Academy:

The school completed 20 years in Dubai. It is the flagship American school of GEMS. Dubai American Academy offers an enhanced American Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Diploma to students. It aims to equip its students for top-notch universities and colleges across the world. 

Rank: Outstanding 

Fee: AED 61,190-86,260


Universal American School:

The school was founded in 2005, providing a challenging American education that enables students to be critical thinkers and achieve heights of success. It aims to provide an environment for students that will help them in prosper in every aspect of life and be efficient for society.

Rank: Very Good

Fee: AED 37,330-76,670

American School of Dubai:

The school was founded in 1966 by the Dubai Petroleum Company. The school is not-for-profit and serves U.S. curriculum from K-12. American School of Dubai provides learning designed to elevate the supreme potential of its students. The school is authorised by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Rank: Good

Fee: AED 49,255-82,581

Collegiate American School:

The school has a holistic approach for every learner while assisting students to achieve success. Collegiate American School classes range from Pre Kindergarten to grade 12. It offers the best of American curriculum and follows US/New york standard of education.

Rank: Good

Fee: AED 40,071-72,352 

Mirdif American School:

The school was founded in 1995. One of the best American curriculum schools in Dubai. It accepts students from the year of 3 to 15. Mirdif American school is known for its rigorous education culture. The school follows a strategic approach to foster an effective and result-driven learning process.  

Rank: Good

Fee: AED 23,569-34,792

International School of Arts and Sciences:

The schools focus on the school environment where children feel guarded, inclined and inspired. The core curriculum aims to make students know their potential across all dimensions. Internation School of Arts and Sciences is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

Rank: Good 

Fee: AED 31,550-57,000

Greenwood International School:

The school was founded in 2006 with the aim to prepare students to develop their potential and face the challenges with a will and proactively. The school has teachers who implement effective strategies to recognise students’ different learning choices. Greenwood International school follows the common core state standards for English language arts and Mathematics. Rest, it follows the Michigan state standards for all other subjects. 

Rank: Good

Fee: AED 18,229-27,952

Al Mawakeb Schools:

Al Mawakeb School is a leading international school in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Classes range from Kindergarten to 12. The school is governed by Academia Management Solutions International.  U.S. curriculum is used by its high school program.

Rank: Good

Fees: AED 14,245 – 23,092


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