All You Need To Know About American Curriculum Schools In Dubai

American Curriculum Schools in Dubai

Dubai’s extensive private school network allows one to choose from a collection of curricula. American curriculum schools are one of them. The US Curriculum is the third most widely-used in International Schools, after the English version and the International Baccalaureate.

“According to the International School Consultancy, as of 2016/17, there are 1,787 international schools offering the US curriculum, with concentrations in Japan, China, South Korea, UAE and Saudi Arabia, as well as Central and South America.”

There are standards that every student must master at each grade-level and these standard are to be fulfilled by every school offering an American Curriculum. Some approaches/standards followed by American curriculum schools in Dubai and other parts of the world are-

1. Learning Outcome Approach-

Learning Outcome Approach helps the schools to believe what students must know and be able to do. Almost all the top schools in Dubai have adopted this approach to achieve the outcomes. This approach also helps students to take assessments easily and get good grades.

2. Progress Towards Success Approach-

This approach ensures that the students possess the prerequisite knowledge and skills while moving from one grade level to another. This also ensures that the schools provide high-quality learning opportunities and self-improvements to the students.

3. Regular Assessment-

Students are regularly assessed by the teachers, and then they are usually given an end-of-the-year grade that ranges from A to F. If a student gets an F grade, he/she has to retake the whole year. These grades help the students further in their high school diploma.

4. Scholastic Aptitude Test/Scholastic Assessment Test-

Most of the international schools that offer American Curriculum also have started the  Scholastic Aptitude Test. SAT is an additional test that is usually taken at grade 11 (at seventeen years). This test is mandatory to enter in various US universities. If one doesn’t plan to go to a university then this test is not necessary. Moreover, it won’t affect their diploma.

5. Extracurricular Programs-

Schools in Dubai provide a variety of extracurricular activities for the students to develop their passion. Some of the activities include sports, art, academic competitions, etc. Though optional, these activities help the students to pursue in their fields of interest, thus developing a high-level skill.

Now that you are aware of how American Curriculum Schools function internationally, you might need a list of schools in Dubai that are best for you child. You can click here.

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