A must read checklist before applying for top universities in Dubai

Universities in Dubai

The city of Dubai has emerged as an educational hub in the United Arab Emirates. Taking into account the huge influx of immigrants, many foreign universities have opened their campus in Dubai. This has helped in the establishment of top universities in Dubai with an academic system on a par with western standards. These globally recognized educational institutions provide flourishing career opportunities to people all over the UAE.

Choosing the right university is, of course, a massive task. After all, this is a commitment that’s likely to demand at least three years of your life, and probably a significant amount of money. Picking among the long list of universities in Dubai, with only a vague idea, is a real challenge. Even if you already have an idea or know for sure what you want to do in the future, there are many factors you should consider before making a decision about which university to choose.

 In order to make your journey towards finding the best university in Dubai a little less challenging. Here is the checklist of few of the things that you might consider, that will help you from the start of your search:

1. University accreditation:

The wide range of academic programmes offered by National and International universities set up in Dubai open to both nationals and expatriates. You need to check for the official accreditations which are done by Commission of Academic Accreditation (CAA) before you join the university.

 2. Placement Policy:

Student placements are an essential part of many undergraduate programmes and postgraduate research projects, providing students with valuable work experience in their chosen disciplines. It’s important to check the placement policy of the university and ask them about the jobs that recent graduates have obtained. These institutions should also have internship programmes where you can apply skills or career service that helps you to get trained for job interviews.

 3. Infrastructure Facilities:

 No doubt the Top universities of UAE have world class infrastructure and facilities. The university campus should provide an excellent range of facilities from high tech classrooms and laboratories to multi-mix food outlets and sports facilities. This will help students enjoy a campus life that’s stimulating, interesting and full of new opportunities. The availability of student accommodation may also become an important factor in your decision. It is essential to check if the place is nice and friendly, somewhere you can call your “home”.

 4. Check About the courses Available:

 You can check the courses available on the university website. If there’s an area within the subject you’re particularly interested in, check whether the university has it “on its menu” or you can contact the university directly. Some Universities will even let you take modules from other subjects. For example, a degree in English, for example, might let you branch out into other areas of the humanities.

 5. Scholarships:

Scholarships encourage students to excel in their coursework and students become valuable participants in extracurricular and community activities. These scholarships provide support to highly motivated and academically strong students based on your scholastic and extracurricular achievement.

 6. Reviews form students:

Student reviews will help us in knowing how the overall academic and student experience have benefited their personal development. Doing this extra bit of research could help you find out about issues that might affect your university choice.

There might be other factors as well that might influence your decision. It’s all about making sure you know what you want from your course, about deciding what’s right for you. It is also important to mention that whichever university you end up at, whether it was your first choice or not, you will still have a life-changing and exciting few years. Finally, remember that choosing the right university is not easy and it takes time so don’t rush it.


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