7 Things Parents Should Know About Summer Camps

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Kids always need some relaxed break from their over-burdened school life and what can be best beyond the summer vacations. Once school starts the summer vacation, it is advisable to indulge kids in some outside activities which help them to improve their analytical skills. So, think about summer camp for your child- it is a package of fun, learning and wisdom.

Summer camp is important as it offers an amazing opportunity for children to grow. Here every element of the environment contributes to kid’s growth and development. It helps your kids to become self-independent and confident by socializing and making new friends. Top schools in Dubai always arrange summer camps for their students as they know about its benefits. Your child gets a chance to play and interact with different minds which is not much possible in indoor environment.

Below are the 7 things parents should know about summer camps:

1. Doing Research to find the right Camp:

Doing some great research on available camps in your area is an important step. You’ll find there are a high number of choices available. But you should choose the safest place for your kid. You can surf the internet to find the best camp places in Dubai or you can simply consult your friends but be sure the place you choose is full of thrill and learning. In fact, you can avail the services from camp directors as they are great resources as well. You can ask them about the return rate, which gives a pretty clear idea of how well kids like the program. To solve your research problem sometimes it’s the school who arranges camp for their students, all you need to do is give the green signal. But before you say yes, be sure about the safety measures for your kid.

2. Packing as a Group:  

After doing all the research and preparation of the summer camp second step is packing together as it helps kids to feel like they have some ownership over the experience. It is advised that parents should pack with kids as by this they will learn about teamwork which is very important for their brain development. You can find a number of schools in Sharjah who have adopted summer camps in their circular activities with a motive of team efforts. So, if you are planning to send your kid on summer camp make them part of preparation but don’t forget to supervise them.

3. Timing Matters:

Be it a physically or mentally every child is a little bit different in terms of deciding their camping age. There is always a particular time when your child is ready to participate in summer camps. For participating in summer camps best age for your child is 8, at this time their nature will allow them to socialize, to learn new things, to explore new places. So be sure about timing neither being too late nor be too early when it comes to sending your kids on camp. In fact, best nurseries in Dubai have set an age bar for camping; they make sure to have fruit full results of summer camps.

4. Helps with Physical Activity:

Many parents feel that kids don’t get enough physical activity during the summer season. Camping can help to make your kid stronger both physically as well as mentally. Whether it is basketball, cricket, tennis or football, each activity comes with its own set of challenges and tests. Some of these activities might be completely new to your child and others could be extensions of what they already know. By getting outside and learning to play sports in a team will result in building self-confidence of the students. So, what are you waiting for, choose a place and let your child explore a new world!

5. Enjoying Nature:

Besides physical and mental development camping can let your kids enjoy nature and outdoors. It is extremely important that every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances. This can be achieved through summer camps. As a parent, you should give them their space where they will be able to learn new and amazing skills.

6. Leadership Skills:

Camps allow kids to make their own choices and guide themselves to training by visiting different places which result in the development of natural leadership skills. Strategies made in summer camps increase the navigation skills of your kid and also helps them in decision making.

7. Courage:

Through rock climbing or jumping off the high diving board kids can learn courage which in return improves mistakes. It helps kids to develop their mindset by doing new things which they are scared of. Summer camps help kids to overcome their threat. There many schools in Dubai which take kids to camps every year. If you want to know about the best schools in Ajman you can check online.

Every parent wants their kids to socialize with others, improve their navigation and soft skills and to achieve this summer camps are the best option to be utilized. So, before you say yes read the above tips and let them listen to their heart.

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