7 schools in UAE that can warm you up for an athletic career

List of top schools in UAE

Playing sports helps you organize your time, boosts meaningful relationships and more than anything else helps you stay fit and healthy. Research suggests athletics help you gain valuable skills that can be best acquired in a court, track or field.

Now it has become choice of every parent to see his/her child wearing a crown in this field prompting schools in UAE to incorporate sports into their curriculum. Therefore people are looking for possible opportunities in this domain.

Students are allowed to enjoy greater learning options in UAE schools by excelling in the sports. Rahhal (a new platform launched by KHDA) – the part-time learning concept takes a step into the future of education. It aims to take UAE ten years into the future within few years.

Without much exaggeration, here we provide you the list of top schools in UAE that encourage and inspire their students to make bright future in athletics.

1. Indian High School (IHS):

Indian High School is the very first educational institute in the UAE to welcome ‘Rahhal’ and encourage its students in making a career in athletics. The school achieves this goal by allowing students of all abilities to participate and acquire benefit from an environment that has been created. Students can always be seen participating in the whole spectrum of sport and adventure experiences. With this, the school literally proves to be one of the best schools in Dubai, UAE for your children to have their career in athletics.

 2. Gems Educational Schools (GEMS):

GEMS being the largest private school group in the UAE operates almost 50 schools in the country. Such a large-scale allow them to try and implement different programs to a higher degree of success.

If you are aiming for the best school in UAE that will warm up your athletic career, then getting enrolled in GEMS is a perfect option as sports and adventures are their default.

3. Jumeirah English Speaking School: 

Undoubtedly the best school means to educate students in all areas and JESS proves itself to be among them. The aim of JESS continues to inspire the future generation of young sportsmen and women to prove their skills.

On top of that, JESS prides itself on producing over 75 competitive teams and numerous individuals across a wide range of sports and abilities. Besides that, JESS Athletes understand the importance of training and preparation and believe that success might not always happen, but the willingness to work hard and to improve always is the aim.

4. American School of Dubai: 

Based on the range of sports they offer, American School of Dubai proves out to be the top school in Dubai. Undoubtedly the involvement and success in competitive leagues are benchmarked and hard to beat.

Apart from that ASD hosts the interscholastic athletic programs that offer students the opportunity to experience the educational benefits of athletic competition. If you are looking for enrollment and gearing up the athletic career as well, then think of nothing else.

5. The British School Al -Khubairat:

The philosophy of the school lies in the fact that there is no substitute for an effective and efficient way of learning other than participating in sports. So, BSAK maintains the high standard by investing highly in the sports teams. So, it would be appreciable chance to admit your kid in this school.

6. Sharjah English School: 

For more than four decades Sharjah English School has been the school of choice for families seeking an excellent UK education for their children.

SES discovered its place among the best schools in Sharjah with enviable sports facilities that will create memories for their students. SES doesn’t only compete regularly within the DASSA league, but furthermore, it’s among the top 4 teams in under-15 cricket considering the needs of children as of prime concern.

7. iCademy middle east: 

Every classroom doesn’t have walls and every student doesn’t want to follow the traditional way of going to schools. iCADEMY understands this masked part of the student’s opinion and thus uplifts homeschooling so that your children can enhance and garnish their area of interest.

iCADEMY has numerous students who are recognized internationally and undergoing professional sports training. The programme by iCADEMY is tailored according to students’ requirements thus encouraging students to study at their own pace. So, if you are in need of this requirement, this school can be a good fit.

Being an athlete has its own advantages. Apart from being physically fit and healthy, it brings in us the sense of teamwork and makes our mind stay in a good and healthy state. We suggest you don’t ignore this vital aspect of education to excel in academics and in life also. Good luck!

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