5 Tips to Design Multiple choice Questions

5 Tips to Design Multiple choice Questions

Multiple choice questions or objective type of questions is a type of objective assessment in which participants are asked to select only one correct answer from the alternate choices they are offered. It can be useful for students as these questions can improve learning performance. Multiple choice question paper can have dozens of questions and for each question there is a set of four or five options. The participant has to pick best possible answer out of the choices. Due to this pattern these papers are often called as selective response tests.

You can find two parts in these question papers: A stem that identifies the question or problem, and a set of alternatives or possible answers that contain a key that is the best answer to the question.

 There are many advantages of using multiply choice questions. One key advantage is that the questions are easy to mark. So, if you are planning to design multiple choice question papers for your students, scroll down as today we have complied some of tips with these types of papers:

Design Student Friendly paper:-

One of the problems that can arise while designing the multiple choice question paper is that to design question paper in such a manner that students can understand. While creating a question paper try to make question paper student friendly. The students should be able to understand questions very easily. When creating the multiple choice questions ask yourself if the students would be able to answer the question without looking at the options. The problem must be defined very well and accurately.

Limit the number of answers:-

It gets really confusing when it comes to settling options in particular question. Make sure that you put a limit on your alternate answers. You can use between three to five alternatives in your question paper. As three choice items are more effective than four or five options mainly because it is difficult to come up with plausible distracters.

There should be only one best answer:-

Do not encourage students to select all options that can apply to the questions. Do not disclose to the students how many correct answers there are. Avoid having two or more options that are correct, as this will lead to confusion among students. Also this will test the knowledge of the students who know things. There should be only one best option to avoid such circumstances in multiple choice papers.

Choose your NOTA Options wisely:-

Most of the common distraction options we use in multiple choice questions are “None of Above” or “All of Above”. If we are using such distractions we must use them wisely in paper. Make sure that we use them consistently throughout the test and not just in some questions. Mark that if we use this distraction to few questions we are making this easy for students to pick options. If the distracters are farfetched, students will too easily locate the correct answer, even if they have little knowledge.  Keep the distracters similar in length and type of language as the correct solution.

Avoid negative wording:-

Do not confuse your students by using negative wording in your question paper. Students often fail if we use negative wording in question paper and it can confuse them. It can lead the things like students who know the material can get confused by negative worded questions. Avoid having negatives in questions as well as in your alternative answers.Negative wordings in your question paper can lead to chaos and it can make them to tick incorrect answers.

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