5 tips to choose right school in Dubai

List of Schools in Dubai

Choosing the right school for your kid is the most important decision you will take in life as a parent. Picking up the proper school can make a big difference in his or her career. List of schools in Dubai is growing very fast. With such large number of schools in Dubai, parents often find it difficult to find the proper school for their kids. Making the right decision while selecting the school can put your child on a path of lifelong learning. You, as a parent, should consider some basic elements while considering some educational institute. We have done the work for you. We have outlined some tips for you that can help you pick up the perfect school for your child.

1. Teacher student relationship.

The reason why I put it first in the list is because the connection between child and teacher is more important than anything else. Your child is accustomed to being surrounded by loving people in home. They naturally look for the same environment in the school. If your child does not receive this kind of environment, then it will discourage him/her from learning. How would you come to know about the teacher student relationship in the school you are considering? Well, you can visit the school and observe it on your own. Besides, you can also talk to students and teachers and figure out if everything is right. Having a conversation with a prospective teacher about current classroom is a very good idea. You can get to know how much they know their students; their students’ weaknesses and strengths etc.

2. Gather information about school.

Before applying for the admission, you should try to gather much of the information about school. This would help you get the idea about policies and services of the school. Top schools in Dubai usually have this information available on their website. Besides, there are many online sites such as EDUUAE that help you get all the relevant information about the school you are considering. Gathering information would help you pick one of the best schools in Dubai for your child.

3. Extracurricular activities

Who would deny the role of extracurricular activities in the academic development of the child? Activities beyond the classroom have profound impact on mental health of a child, a fact concluded by researchers. Extracurricular activities relieve children of the academic pressure. This keeps students interested in academics too. When you search for the schools in Dubai, don’t neglect this aspect as it is most important thing. Visit the school campus yourself and see if students are engaged in any kind of extracurricular activities or not. These include sports, photography, music, dance etc. These kinds of activities inculcate creativity, leadership, and social skills in students.

4. Infrastructure

Would you like to send your child to a school where classrooms are not adequately designed with windows that provide proper ventilation to breathe? The answer is obviously no. Nobody would like to send their child to a school which is having a poor infrastructure. Well equipped labs and spacious space do create an impact on students’ learning process. Children usually face difficulty in learning unless they get the hands on experience in labs. This shapes their mind and boosts their creativity. Assembly area, a big playing field, proper sanitation facilities are basic infrastructural elements that speak volumes about schools’ overall infrastructural scenario. Before finalizing your decision to select the school, you should visit the campus and explore all infrastructural facilities available to students. Even if the school is among the top schools in Dubai, you should not take this aspect for granted. No matter what, visiting the campus yourself is always the best thing to do.

5. Curriculum

Schools in Dubai offer varied curricula like CBSE, IGSCE, and IB etc. Before setting out to pick a school for your child, give a thought to what curriculum do you want for your child. It is purely a matter of your own choice. Each curriculum has its distinct advantages and none has an edge over the other. It all depends on the learning nature of your child. It is advisable to do some little bit of research about each curriculum and decide the proper one for your child. EDUUAE is one of online sites where you can know the curriculums of schools in Dubai

Choosing a perfect school for your child requires hard work but it is worth it. Education of your child is something that you cannot compromise with. After all, this is what parenting is about, choosing the perfect things for your beloved kids. While there may be many things that you should consider before enrolling your child in a particular school, the ones above described were the most important. It involves comparing various schools and picking the right one. There are various online websites that help you with that like EDUUAE. So, start searching and find the better school for your kid. We hope this helped you a bit. Wish you a happy parent life.

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