5 teaching methods that are trending in top schools in Dubai

Top Schools in Dubai

When it comes to choosing the school for your kids, what we actually focus on are traditional trends like curriculum, fee structure, transport facilities and above all recommendations and referrals. But do you think that’s enough to accommodate the needs of your little ones? Definitely not, because one of the clearest indicators that will affect the child’s progress and learning is the quality of teaching and the trends followed by the school to foster learning. So take my suggestion and prioritize this factor.

Some of the Neanderthal trends that were introduced in the developing UAE consisted of smart classes, carefully planning the ‘lesson plans’, using customized applications and much more. But over the times, these trends keep on growing and developing to a better perspective. Here are the top 5 teaching methods that are currently trending in top schools in Dubai where your child’s needs are met by caring educators with dedication.

1. Use of e-learning in classrooms

E-learning technique has become popular over the years as an educational delivery for academic institutes. Online learning methods are perfect for the millennial mind frame. It allows students to learn beyond what is taught in a classroom and be able to engage with their peers and teachers online. A rich number of schools in Dubai are adopting e-learning platforms, especially for Arabic learning opportunities because there are very limited resources for Arabic learning. The KHDA regularly organizes ‘LIVING ARABIC’, where educators come together to give an optimized solution by pushing towards the achievement of the common goal of 2021.

2. Virtual reality (VR) for enhanced learning

Top Schools in Dubai are embracing virtual reality in almost every classroom and are using it as one of the prime teaching methods. It helps students explore different places without even leaving the classroom and thus reinforces what has been explained in the class.

3. Learning using augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image onto any surface in the real world, which is visible only on the screen. It is one of the top methods as it is more affordable than virtual reality. The research found that AR and VR can be an effective tool for learning if brought together in a whole picture and thus the mixed environment can be created where students can be more inclined towards development.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence refers to the intelligence demonstrated by machines and its introduction to education sector continues to be one of the primary trends in Dubai. According to a research based on children, the establishment of AI in the early stage can help them in boosting their literacy skills. Therefore, some schools in Dubai prefer to teach AI as the stand-alone subject yet many educators suggest blending it with other subjects so that better opportunities can be created in future.

5. Growth in whirlwind activities like Design studios and maker spaces

Many schools in Dubai encourage the use of design studios, maker spaces, and steam labs. It is the latest trend being followed in Dubai to engage children in science and technology, art and in math activities. Students learn to question, explore and apply real-world challenges placed in their way.

With this trend in many schools, students have opportunities to showcase their knowledge through Maker Fairs, Science Camps, Innovative Festivals, Entrepreneurship conferences, and other competitions.

There is always a need to keep track of trending possibilities as it brings out new concepts from old theories and ideas. The teaching community must keep up the pace on this path of change to implement new or modified methods of teaching-learning process to suit the requirements of the growing world.

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