5 Best Training Courses in Dubai for Your Teaching Career

training courses in dubai

The augmented growth viewed by the education sector in the United Arab Emirates has resulted in an amplified demand for training of teachers and others in this sector. These services include short-term training courses in Dubai, interactive workshops, and a wide range of leadership training for senior management. Also, with the establishment of the licenses for teaching, it is mandatory for all the teachers to show the proof of professional development to renew their licenses. Some can also opt for a short course or two, especially those who do not have a teaching qualification.

Here, you’ll go through various training programs and resources for teaching that will offer you a unique learning opportunity. Also, these courses are highly rewarded.

1. Teacher Training Program-

Offered by various training institutes in Dubai, this training and development program focuses on putting in the necessary interpersonal and social skills in the teachers/trainers for better student engagement and classroom management. This course also aims at preparing the participants to use the self-assessment, management, and social skills.


  • Understand the innovative techniques in teaching/training delivery.
  • Understand the concept of creating an inclusive L&D environment.
  • Learn specific classroom management tactics.
  • Practical usage of interpersonal communication skills.
  • Understanding the concept of emotional intelligence.
2. Applied Graduate Diploma in Teaching Practice (ATP)-

The ATP is a UAE Level 7 qualification and is an approved qualification for Teacher Licensing in the UAE, endorsed by KHDA and Tellal.
This diploma is for those who have an inadequate experience in teaching or are completely new to this field. The trainees benefit from working within the school environment throughout their training for a total of 120 days and are assigned a mentor.

As per the programme, every trainee receives preparation for the TELS UAE Teacher Licensing assessments. This course is approved across different emirates in the UAE.

3. Teaching Methods-

This training course in Dubai accentuates instructional planning, methods and strategies. The teacher trainees will be introduced to the latest researches and trends in teaching that concentrates on student engagement and indulgence. The participants will understand the pros and cons of each and every technique they learn.


  • The trainees will be able to describe their personal theories and abilities of teaching & learning.
  • Ability to summarize both teacher-centered & student-centered teaching methods.
  • They can judge their position as a teacher.
4. Early Childhood Education-

This course builds a strong foundation of the importance and ethics of the early childhood education. This course is extremely helpful for the early childhood teachers, curriculum developers, and anyone who is connected to child care, even for those who are planning to open a kindergarten/preschool.


  • Learn the basic concepts of early childhood teaching.
  • Practical teaching skills to face different challenges in a classroom.
  • Problem-solving and social skills.
  • Basic reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
5. Teachers Administrative Program-

Anyone who is looking for a teacher training course can immediately enroll for this training course and become a certified teacher in the UAE. This course certificate is approved by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, KHDA and UK Board.

This course is suitable for the job course of Teacher Assistant, Teacher Education Coordinator, and English Teacher Assistant.

Teachers in Dubai can enjoy a good lifestyle with a fair salary. Certified instructors are given great benefits. So, if you have an interest in teaching, you should definitely go for teacher training courses in Dubai in a heartbeat!

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